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26 October 2012

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SIC 58
25 October 2012

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Lydia.Dd on PAIXÃO
Very nice dancers !

christine on PAIXÃO
So sunny and joyful! I think it's a wedding. Lovely!

nice image,exellent compo,bravo

Damon Schreiber on 41
Nice! I always like to look at fire hydrants from around the world.

Curly on Rosso
One of my favourite reds!

MK on 41
i like this compo n contrast in colors n textures n tones

Louis Hebert on 41
it actually looks sad in this image. great capture

Selro on 41

Manubhai on Sombras
This is very interesting....Only the shadow captured on sand...

Shahryar on LUZ
beautiful shot ,well done :)

Curly on Orange & Blue
Hmm..........privileged access, could be useful. Good capture.

Zorilla on Rui Veloso Em Santarém 2
Fado to grey - The Portugese Leonard Cohen?

SupraSonic on MESQUITA
We called it MASJID ...

Muito bonita! Bjs Jú

Mais outa muito bem conseguida!

Bonita foto! Só mesmo tu para conseguires bonitos efeitos! Bjs Jú

Eleftheria on TRIPTICO...
Very cool!

amirreza on MESQUITA
nicly composed

it's new, everything is under construction beautiful, excellent shot.

Marta on NEW DOHA
Linda ;)

Moridi on CAVALINO
Great shot. Thank you.

Marco António on VALENTINO
Eheh grande apanhado do Doctor!

HM Zainul R on Rendas de Pedra
Where about this place? Really like the details of this shot.

Graça B. on Luz e Água
Ena, ena! Que fantástico! vejo que a Fonte Luminosa esteve por tua conta. Estão lindíssimas. ...

SKHallisey on Água e Pedra
very cool shot, love the fountain

Emilio Garcia on Shanghai "Dragon Boat"
The night skyline in this area of China is magnificent. Nice nigh shot.

Calusarus on em Tons de Azul
Azulejos are always nice, and this one is beautiful

on em Tons de Azul
As vindimas no outro lado do Rio Tejo, representado neste azulejo datado de 1932.

WABIKOJA on em Tons de Azul
Love those cool colours. Well spotted.

peter on Telhados
great composition and colors

Eleftheria on chuveiro
Very nice!

Graça B. on Vamos ás compras?
Que foto curiosa...são mesmo carrinhos de compras?

Craig on chuveiro
Cool capture, like the drama created by the spray in this. Are these the new cars testing?

Jac on TORO...!
Great shot...

Laurent on TORO...!
really nice framing

Laurent on 50
terrific. Nicely composed and with a beautiful light.

peter on Uma Obra de Arte
a work of art indeed! classic hood ornament and i love the water droplets

peter on Portimão
excellent capture!

on V de V
Bela foto com um bonito enquadramento!

JTF on Cavalinho
Sensational schot, clear and sharp...great!!!

Marion on Cavalinho
Great capture! How fun!!! I love the beefy tires :)

Grande foto e...grande Canon!

on Azul
Que belas flores! Onde será?

greg on Azul
very pretty blue...

DarkElf on Mais uma
superb timing of this shot!

Elena Kotrotsou on Mais uma
Good shot!

Eleftheria on Com algum atraso... Fogo!

Eleftheria on Mais uma
Very nice!

cassiel on Com algum atraso... Fogo!
Buena foto, oprtuno disparo!

Marco on The Silver Arrow
Today and ever, the most beautiful car in F1! E é sempre de saudar o regresso da F1 a Portugal ainda que ...

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